Unique anti-gravity hovercrafts
Built for the metaverse.


The sky is calling.
A melodic vroom unfurls across the frigid air. This is where Skypods rumble.

The age of interstellar travel is upon us. The planets are our playgrounds. Every year, we gather on Saturn’s rings for the Battle Arena, where hovercrafts using anti-gravity engines called Skypods compete against each other using a combination of speed, intelligence, and manoeuvrability.

Come with us. Join the migration and bend the space-time continuum.

The universe beckons to be explored.
Abandon the ground beneath your feet and fly.



NFT Drops

Exclusive airdrops giving rewards, visual upgrades and other in-game utilities.

Play to Earn

Play in the Battle Arena and earn rewards.

Compete to Earn

Take part in paid tournaments, clan battles and many more leaderboard driven tournaments.


Stake to get attractive yield rewards.


  • Skypods are unique anti-gravity hovercrafts built on the blockchain.
  • They are a collection of unique NFT’s that will power the upcoming games in the Skypod Metaverse.
  • Skypod is a progressive Metaverse in which you can own the hovercraft. Holding onto this will allow you to have several utilities yet to be published – however, some are detailed below
  • Free airdrops of the Skypods Metaverse.
  • Genesis NFT’s will have immense potential of earning in the games.
  • Be a part of an exclusive community.
  • Own cool original artwork.
  • There will be a total of 10000 Genesis Skypod NFT’s.
  • We will be launching future generation Skypod NFT’s from time to time.
  • We will make an announcement closer to the mint date. Please join our Discord and Twitter handle for updates.
  • Yes. These spots will be given away on Twitter and Discord as rewards for community building.
  • We will make an announcement closer to the mint date. Please join our Discord and Twitter handle for updates.
  • You can mint a Skypod NFT on our website. Mint button will appear on the website on the day of the minting. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. We or any of our team members will never send out minting links. Please follow only our official channels for all announcements.
  • We have a game first approach for Skypods.
  • We will be starting with Skypods: Battle Arena as the first game and will proceed with multiple other game projects in the future.
  • The vision is to see all these games becoming healthy economies that support eSport Tournaments for its fans in the Skypods Metaverse.


We believe that for a game to be successful it has to be FUN at its core. Blockchain and Web3.0 are enablers and not the end goal.

We are a group of game industry veterans and have been around for over a decade and have shipped multiple award winning AAA games. We have bootstrapped the gaming studio and launched games that have crossed >100M in lifetime downloads.

Over the years, we have also collaborated with companies that are staple names in the industry, some of which include Zynga, Nickelodeon, and Dreamworks. We’re excited to harness our game development experience while building for the blockchain space and Web3.0.




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Blockchain Developer

Skypods: Battle Arena

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